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We’re very sorry but, at least for this moment, this will be the only page in the english language.  The rest of the pages are in dutch.  The site is built in dutch because a lot of english language sites dedicated to St. Joseph can be found on the Internet.   Until now a dutch language site dedicated solely to St. Joseph did’nt exist.  A lot of the information you find here can also be found on english language sites.  Just try a few of the sites mentioned on the “Andere sites”.


For those who are interested in the contents of the pages on this site we will give a short description of them.


·        “Levensverhaal” here you will find a letter, exhortation, written by Pope John Paul II on the live and meaning for the church and people of St. Joseph.  The story has been cut in 7 parts to make download times as short as possible. 

·        "Devoties" here you can find information on how other saints thought about St. Joseph

·        “Patroon” here you will find a, i’m sure incomplete, list of all the patronage’s of St. Joseph.

·        “Gebeden” here you find a few prayers and novenas to St. Joseph.

·        “Kapellen” here you find information about a few chapels devoted to St. Joseph in the Netherlands and Belgium.  The first one is in Kapellen a village north of Antwerp / Belgium.  In 1956 a Belgian nun, Sister Justa, had a apparition in which she was asked to build a chapel and dedicate it to St. Joseph at “De Nieuwe Wijk” in Kapellen.  The place where the chapel should be build was known, in that time, as a very non-Christian neighbourhood.  Although she received a lot of opposition from the people living in this part of Kapellen and the church she, together with the help of Our Lord and a few other people, were able to finish the chapel.  From this date on St. Joseph has been worshipped at this place.   The statue of St.-joseph that stands in the chapel shows him as “St.-Joseph the worker”.  In the chapel you will also find a special statue of the blessed virgin.  The second chapel is in Smakt, a small village close to Venray / the Netherlands.  This chapel is also dedicated to St. Joseph and is, as far as we now, the only chapel in Europe that is devoted to St. Joseph as the patron saint for families. For this chapel you can find a link on the "Andere sites" page to another site giving information about this chapel (also in Dutch).

·        “Vriendenkring” here you find information on a Belgian / Dutch group of people who have a special place in their hart for St. Joseph.  Beside a quarterly magazine called “Echo van de Nieuwe Wijk” they organise a wide variety of events in connection with St. Joseph and the St.-Joseph chapel in Kapellen.

·        “Andere sites” here you find links to a few other sites dedicated to St.-Joseph or sites with general catholic information.  The flag indicates whether the site is in the english, italian, french or dutch language.  



If you have any questions or comments on one or more of the subjects mentioned on this or one of the dutch pages please feel free to send an e-mail to info@sint-jozef.nl.


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